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Two-piece swimsuit in turquoise
Two-piece swimsuit in turquoise
47.00 euro 69.50 euro
Sahara Luxe Tunic in Beige
Sahara Luxe Tunic in Beige
42.00 euro
Women's Bikini Finesse with Lace and Satin Bows
Women's Bikini Finesse with Lace and Satin Bows
19.00 euro
Two-piece swimsuit in dark blue
Two-piece swimsuit in dark blue
74.50 euro


Two-piece swimsuit in pink with one shoulder
Two-piece swimsuit in pink with one shoulder
67.50 euro

42.50 euro

22.50 euro
Sahara Luxe Beige Two-Piece Swimsuit
Sahara Luxe Beige Two-Piece Swimsuit
66.00 euro

Luxurious swimsuits and beachwear by Maya Ilieva - your source for luxury and style!
We believe that every moment in life deserves to be experienced with elegance and confidence. We are here to offer you the most exquisite women's swimwear, beachwear, and luxury lingerie that will allow you to radiate your unique beauty and style at every corner of the world.

Exceptional design and the desire to be different at every opportunity are at the core of what we do. Our collections are made from high-quality Italian fabrics, beautiful lace, and modern accessories sourced directly from factories in Italy, to offer you superior quality and unparalleled radiance.

Our rich collection of women's swimwear is created with special attention to detail and comfort. Whether you're looking for classic and elegant designs or more intricate and bold styles, we have something for every woman. Our swimsuits will inspire you to create unforgettable memories at the beach or poolside. The accentuated femininity of women's forms makes our collections so unique and desirable.

In addition to swimsuits, we also offer a variety of beachwear that will add style and confidence to your beach or poolside outings. From light and airy beach dresses to modern tunics and kimonos, our range includes everything you need to feel comfortable and elegant during your beach adventures. Our beachwear collection is inspired by the latest fashion trends and crafted with the highest quality materials.

Reveal your femininity and beauty with our collection of luxury lingerie - quality and elegance for Every Woman! From delicate fabrics and sexy details to perfect silhouettes, our designs are created to highlight your natural beauty and offer you comfort throughout the day.

We create products that not only reflect fashion trends but also inspire confidence and beauty!

Лятната Красота: Избиране на подходяща козметика за летните дни

20/02/2024 г.
Съвети за Грижа за Плажното Облекло и Бански Костюми: Как да ги поддържаме в изключително състояние

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